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Баннерная бизнес сеть (Рекламные сервисы) Добавлен: 11.05.2022 21:05

Постоянно растущий охват аудитории; Интуитивно понятный интерфейс; Популярные форматы; Индивидуальное управление; Прозрачная статистика в реальном времени; Эффективный алгоритм ротации; Фильтрация некачественного трафика; Низкая стоимость реального посетителя;

Рейтинг Среднедоходный HYIP! (Экономические игры) Добавлен: 02.05.2022 18:03

3% на баланс для вывода от пополнения баланса рефералом 5% на баланс для вывода с каждого просмотра серфинга рефералом


  1. Projects are hosted free of charge, paid is the section "Popular", it is possible to buy the publication in the section "Buy banner". It is also possible to buy placement of banners on our resource..
  2. Sorting of projects is carried out by "pluses", the project with more "pluses" in the first place. Each user can "plus" up to 5 projects per day. Each comment gives the project 2 "pluses".
  3. We do not limit users in publishing projects, but you have to convey to users, that the project is viable, publishing payments. Abandoned projects are removed from our resource.
  4. If the project is already on our resource, repeated invitation publication is not possible.
  5. Don't post projects with link shortening, our project "hides" your link.
  6. When publishing a project, it is recommended to use a square image (200х200, 1000х1000).
  7. Make a qualitative description of the advertised project.
  8. If you have the opportunity, publish our button on your resources.
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